Subject: Now I shall do it!
Posted on: 2020-08-13 14:47:02 UTC

Kittyauthor sighed, tapping her pencil, staring off into space. O'Ryan, on the other hand, was scribbling down numbers and letters, solving an equation he made himself, or, at the very least, trying to see if there was an answer. Sometimes, x was equal to everything, sometimes nothing. It was always fun to see where an equation would end.

Kitty, on the other hand, just wasn't really in the mood (which, for her, is strange) to solve the multiple equations she had given herself. She wanted to go wander the halls, get herself lost. She didn't quite know why. She had, for the longest time, felt lost. Lost, trying to fight the ghosts. It was her being a Mii in the past that made her look so young. She was only about three feet and two inches, less than half of O'Ryan's six and a half foot height. It made her look like she was ten or twelve. But yet, despite her past, she kept centering on that word.

Lost, lost within the labyrinth of the HQ, lost in Generic Surface, lost in–


Kitty jumped, jarring herself out of her own thoughts.

"Kitty, what's wrong? You're not acting like yourself," O'Ryan said, putting down his pencil. Due to his curse, said pencil had rolled off his table. "Dang it."

Kitty stopped tapping her pencil. "Nothing really. Still just thinking..." She sighed and got up from her seat. "I'm going to wander. Mind if I borrow your MP3 player?"

"Sure..." O'Ryan said. He wasn't sure why Kitty wanted to suddenly go for a walk. "Are you sure you're–"

"I'm fine, O'Ryan. Just... lost in my own thoughts today," Kitty replied. She grabbed the MP3 player and her headphones, then walked out of the RC.

She hummed as she went through the song list, finding something that was loud and distracting. She was so lost in finding that song that she didn't even notice the older woman until she bumped into her.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Kitty quickly said. "I was just–"

The woman looked down at her. She wore a veil over her face, reminding Kitty of the wedding veil that many people wore, but it was black. That was the color she wore. Black. All black. Kitty shivered. Her eyes... a dazzling blue, not at all the the sky, or O'Ryan's eyes, but not like a Sue's eye. It sort of reminded her of... What did it remind her of? She kept looking at the eyes, so blue, so blue...


Changes Kitty's age again

So, uh, yeah. Kitty is three and a half feet tall, although you can make her god form taller. Here's what she looks like And, well, you know which god I chose. Lucian. That's why I had her focus her on the color blue because Lucian certainly has a lot of blue in his outfit.

Don't mind me being a bit awkward. This is the first Emergency second PPC RP I've participated in, so I'm still a little new at this.

But yeah. I hope that intro was okay.

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