Subject: (( Yeah, seconding "no Emergency." Very sure that's not the point of this. ))
Posted on: 2020-08-16 15:12:00 UTC

Also, you always get to decide what happens to your own characters in RPs. Rule number one of good role-playing is that you don't take over other people's characters without their permission.

To clarify, we all gave hS permission to write the transformation bits by opting into the event, since he told us that was the plan. {= )

Rule number two, of course, is that you should allow some things to happen to your characters within reason. For example, if you write them getting into a fight with someone else's character, but never let the other character get a hit in even if physics and relative ability indicate that they should, that's uncool.

Mostly, though, following the basic rules of good writing and story-telling will ensure good RPing. {= )


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