Subject: RP sub-thread: "Rabbit Season" (hS, Scapegrace, & bystanders)
Posted on: 2020-08-23 21:49:39 UTC

Timefix: August 17th

(ie, well after the gods go public, but before their really big concert.)

El-Ahrairah had suggested the DAS-SQUEE Totally-Not-A-Botany-Lab; Yavanna had countered with the Courtyard; Ananke had proposed New Caledonia. Yavanna had suggested the Tparc Pterry (lots of trees), El-Ahrairah had countered with the Parc Tolkien (no trees, lots of grass), and Ananke had shown a surprising knowledge of the New Cal city and proposed the Arboretum.

So Yavanna sat on a bench outside the glass-domed buildings, tossing an Araucaria pine-cone from hand to hand. Most passers-by gave him a wide berth, though one teenaged agent did ask for his autograph. Apart from that, he just fumed quietly to himself, waiting for the other god to arrive.

So here we are! I have no idea what Yavanna's grudge against El-Ahrairah is - the two ideas that spring to mind are the dramatic ('your dad is harassing me and you're not doing anything about it') and the ridiculous ('your rabbit ate my sapling'), but it could be anything. :) Scape, if you've got an idea, stick it in.

An idea I didn't slot into this opening is that the regular Monday market in the Parc Tolkien (it's a grassy area just off the town square) has been moved to the square, because the field has been taken over for Party in the Parc prep. I'll work it in later if an opportunity presents itself.


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