Subject: IC: Miracles
Posted on: 2020-08-16 03:22:49 UTC

I think we may have something of a problem

"I have nought but memory of this place," El-Ahrairah said. "My memories. And yet, they are distant. As though waking from a dream." He turned over a page, twitching a long, furred ear at the rustle of old parchment. "This is my truth, I think. Or a possible one."

"Your truth." Algie replied. "Indeed."

"Uh, why are we letting the hot bunny guy read my books of magic? Not that I mind, I like a nerd, but-"

"Lilianna," growled Lola as she hefted a plasma rifle, "unless you're telling us what you did or how to fix it, you're going to keep your mouth shut."

"Jeez, sor-ree, captain butch."

"You've used that one already."

"Yeah? Guess you're a butch with an i. Oooooh! One for Mama Lily's burn book! Imma write that down!" She scrabbled around for a journal and opened it to a half-full page. "Oh. It's already in here, huh. That means it's such a sick burn that I forgot I'd written it! Man I'm smart!"

El-Ahrairah threw the book he was reading over his shoulder onto the discarded pile behind him, a small mountain of magical volumes bound in a luridly iridescent pink. "By the sun, this is hopeless. Not a speck of useful information to be found. And since she lacks the ability or equipment to concoct a potion, we might have to consider this was the work of another."

Lola sighed and sat down next to him. "Look, Mem, we have to consider motive here."

"I have asked that you refer to me by my true name, Commander." The god's voice was suddenly stiff and cold, his eyes cast down.

'Sorry. El-Ahrairah. We have to think about why this happened. What's more likely, cob? This is something to do with your Suvian heritage manifesting itself inside you because of something your mum did? Or that you really are a rabbit god from a parallel universe who just happened to awaken into immortal powers after leaving a place with one of the highest concentrations of glitter in HQ? Occam's razor, kid. Apply it at your leisure."

"Ananke, she gave her name as. I made to... to cut off her head, I think."

"Pompous of her," Algie scoffed. "Ananke is the Greek personification of inevitability, of compulsion. Fate, if you like. We shall shew that to be no more than a nonsense, oh yes we will. Just as soon as we find the proper spell from this library.,"

"And what then? What do you think will happen if you use it?"

"Why, my son shall return to me," Algie said.

"And yet,"; said the god, "I remain right here."

Algie looked up, a stammering apology already at his lips, but it was too late. The god was gone.

He left the room shortly after, Lola by his side. They walked in silence until it broke. Or something did.

"I lost my wife, Lola," Algie said, his voice a hoarse whisper. "To this. I cannot lose him too. I can't bear it, I, I just can't..."

Lola put her arm around him, grabbed a poster from the wall for future use as a source of rollups, and moved on with him.

Of course, when the leaves started falling off the paper, she knew it was time to act.

OOC Notes: This is set in DAS-SWEAR's facility for Suvian study, specifically in Lilianna Wymbourne's cell. It's cropped up before in the short Board piece Search For A Lost Childhood (tw: implied ca), but Algie was married to a Suvian and Agamemnon is their kid. She's ensconced in a research facility because Algie couldn't bring himself to kill her, and both of the men she created as subservient comic relief imbeciles to make her look good still visit her to monitor her recovery. Not that she notices much. Algie and Lola are DIA operatives, and so the teenage boy with glitter heritage suddenly manifesting bunny ears and a CAF and powers and calling himself a god? That says Suvian to them. And neither of them wants to think about incursions, so they're basically looking through Lilianna's Sue spellbooks to try and figure out what did this and why. Even though they know the answer.

They just really don't want to think about what that answer means.

I hope this isn't too dark for the RP at large, and I will try to get some more happy fun stuff in during a future post. =]

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