Subject: Let's try this, I guess
Posted on: 2020-08-14 14:43:22 UTC

Jiwon was walking down the halls of PPC HQ, headed for the Cafeteria while at the same time trying to not think about going to the Cafeteria. His fox tail swished behind him as he walked, twitching upwards on occasion when it brushed the floor. He fiddled with the pearl necklace hanging around his neck, making sure it was still there. It was, and he mentally relaxed a little before continuing his casual walk down the corridors.

He silently hoped he wouldn’t run into anyone on the way. Growing up as a sheltered, upper-class kid in his homeverse didn’t exactly make him the most social of people. It didn’t help that there had been the whole cultural “hiding the fact that you’re a kumiho from the humans” he had to constantly worry about as well. It was honestly one of the reasons he liked this place; not having to always wear a hat or tuck your tail into your pants for hours was nice.

He rounded a corner and nearly bumped into a veiled old woman dressed entirely in black standing in the middle of the corridor. At first, Jiwon thought she was waiting for someone, but when he began to pass her, he couldn’t help but notice her head slowly turning to follow his movements, and he stopped.

Jiwon was a little concerned.

Then her entire body turned to face him, and then he was really concerned.

“Um… ma’am?” he mumbled, then the wind picked up. Then he noticed, at the end of the hall, what appeared to be a floating, slowly spinning umbrella drifting down the corridor towards the two of them. He was starting to go from concerned to outright spooked.

“What’s going on-” he started, but the old woman calmly raised a hand, palm outward, and he stopped.

Their eyes locked, and Jiwon found himself unable to look away. The wind picked up speed, and the umbrella at the end of the hall picked up speed, spinning and gliding faster and faster towards him, and-

Alright, then. I think it took me way too long to think of this, but here we go.

So, description. Jiwon’s a 16-year-old Korean and kind of short, standing around five and a half feet tall. He has fox ears and a tail due to being a kumiho, and his resting expression looks somewhat tired. He’s clean shaven and has straight black hair, with his bangs pushed to the side out of his eyes. He sometimes wears traditional Korean hanbok with a pearl necklace from home, but he doesn’t have to be if it fits the scene better. Or if you think you can work it into the god form, that might be fun too.

Er. Speaking of. I was thinking of Mary Poppins. I think it might be kind of a stretch (she’s never directly referred to as a god or anything), but she does some really weird things in some of the books and stageplays that go a bit past the whole Disney magical nanny thing and dips into some honestly less fairy-tale-esque and more freaky stuff. I think there’s this one scene in the musical where she up and banishes someone to hell in a cage.

But anyways, I think it would be kinda funny to see how this setup works. If it’s acceptable, that is. If it isn’t, feel free to tell me. Even so, it was fun to write this.

Anyways, thanks for the whole setting-up thing! It’s fun reading.

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