Subject: "That was incredible!"
Posted on: 2020-08-15 22:02:32 UTC

Dax was enraptured through the performance, almost trancelike as he listened to the music. When the song ended, he nearly cried.

Lorson watched the whole thing with an expression of disgust on his face. Whatever spell had fallen over the crowd, he definitely wasn't impressed. "The shpx you on about?" he yelled, and several people nearby turned to him in disbelief. "You ain't some Vala from Middle-earth, you're just a kid with sticks in his hair!"

"When did you read the—? Lorson, you can't just say that," Dax said, grabbing his hands; Lorson threw him off. "Did you even hear that performance? It was... otherworldly."

"YAVANNA!" an agent elsewhere in the crowd yelled, and others echoed the sentiment. "YAVAN-NA, YAVAN-NA, YAVAN-NA!"

Fuvgshpxzbgureshpxvat bad bad get away—

Lorson ducked through the cheering crowd, suddenly very glad Dax had insisted on dragging him along.

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