Subject: Yavanna rose.
Posted on: 2020-08-17 10:22:46 UTC

As the first of the gods to return, he felt a certain pressure to take the lead - and besides, he had a question burning inside him. "Ananke: thank you. You found me," he turned to gesture at the rest of the Pantheon, "found all of us, and showed us our truth. I feel my roots delve into millennia gone by, and across all the worlds, bearing back to me their life and love.

"And through them, I feel another impulse, a need that ripens in me like the harvest." He leant forward on the table, and in his face was all the fervent honesty of a thirteen-year-old with a conviction. "I want to sing, Ananke. I've never felt that before; that was my father's..." Yavanna shook his head, driving the thought away. "I need to sing, and I know I'm not the only one who's felt it."

Ananke nodded. "This is your purpose," she said, "the purpose of the Recurrence. For two years, you will inspire the mortals of this," her eyes flickered for a moment, "P-P-C. You will uplift them, teach them, each in your own way, and the work you do will guide them through the next ninety years." She continued her slow circling, her hand brushing over the back of each chair. "So sing, children - or dance, or perform however pleases you - that those who hear will remember you until we return once again."

So this is the core premise: the gods want, arguably need to perform. I'm not saying everyone has to write performances, but I think it's safe to act as though all the gods are performing.

If you do write one, there's no set style. I've done the 1-2-3-4 thing, but you can do whatever pleases you. :) (And if you want to see a performance of your god but don't want to write one, I Volunteer As Tribute. Just ask!)

On which note: I'm planning micro-RPs where other people can join in too. Do you think it would be fair for people to describe unseen performances by the gods, in the context of fans discussing them? (Eg 'nah, I've seen Tash, she doesn't eat people on stage - that'd be kiddy stuff next to what she's actually like!') I don't want to promote toe-stepping, but equally, I want it to feel like all the gods are involved, rather than just the ones whose authors have the time to really get into it.


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