Subject: Lady Kee'ra sat as quietly as she could.
Posted on: 2020-08-17 16:51:18 UTC

She had taken off her mask, setting it upon the table face-up - it felt prudent to, with just the company of new-old friends - and was turning one of her knives over in her hands as though they needed to be kept busy.

A small, cartoonishly proportioned being sat upon the mask. Wise red eyes, made striking against the black of her body, peered at those present. It was hard to tell who of the two had been fashioned after the other, if that was the case at all.

When El-Ahrairah took again his seat, she in turn rose.

Setting the knife aside, Lady Kee'ra bowed her head in respect to the others and Ananke. "Thank you for bringing us together, and I have missed you. I would be remiss not to speak: my friend in this life-" she gestured to the being sitting upon her mask "-is gifted with the foresight of what could be, and with my new gifts has been troubled with foreboding."

She tilted her head a bit, as if trying to remember something specific. "Nothing concrete, mind. The future is a fickle thing, not that I would know first hand. But I trust her judgment implicitly."


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