Subject: "Who can fathom the ways of the gods?"
Posted on: 2020-08-17 13:28:25 UTC

Ananke paused for a moment, considering. "Perhaps there are some who could, indeed; but those whose domain is mystery oft keep their own counsel.

"All I can tell you is what I have said so many times before. Every ninety years, twelve gods return. How you choose your... hosts, and how you choose who will appear in each Recurrence, I know not. Some gods appear time and again; others return but once, then remain aloof.

"From what your prior incarnations have told me, the near-century between Recurrences is but a moment for you; your reunions with one another are as with a friend you parted from the day before. For me," the shadow touched her eyes again, "it has been many long years since last I saw you. I have missed you," she added, her voice growing hoarse.

Across the table from El-Ahrairah, Yavanna half-raised a hand, but Ananke waved him down. "You would tell me I have not answered all his questions," she acknowledged. "You have always been one to keep me honest, Queen of the Harvest, just as you," she nodded at El-Ahrairah, "have always been... impudent, you said? Yes, let it stand." She came to a halt, hands behind her back. "I am Ananke. Of necessity, long ago I surrendered the spark of divinity to become your servant. I find you, I reveal you to yourselves, I guide you, and I mourn you when you are gone." She took hold of her veil and drew it back, until only a slender black mask concealed her face. "But this is no time for mourning - this is a time of miracles, and I rejoice that it has come again."

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