Subject: "Gaia? Gai—? Oh, hey!"
Posted on: 2020-08-30 02:44:07 UTC

Enter the Ellimist, stage left.

He jogged across the stage to join the others and gave them all a polite hello, briefly holding Yavanna's eye before turning to address Gaia. "Do you know how huge this place is? It's like a labyrinth! There could even be a minotaur; I'm sure I heard roaring." He grinned. "I hope nobody gets lost."

I was hoping some sort of Opportune Moment would present itself, but I decided I'd better just make one instead. {= )

I'm thinking the Ellimist and Gaia probably talked ahead of time at least a bit about the plan for the Ellimist to sort of MC or otherwise fill in the gaps between other performances... though if there aren't enough other performers for there to be many gaps, I guess he could just do something more "normal" instead. It has literally just now struck me that he might have an affinity for strings, if he were to just pick something up and miracle himself knowing how to play it.

I'm pretty sure he's kidding about the minotaur, but since it's the PPC, you never know!


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