Subject: Tash drifted about in the shadows backstage.
Posted on: 2020-09-08 12:40:50 UTC

Her eyes flitted briefly over all the equipment, never giving anything a second glance. Toys and props were not what she needed. Tash needed a display of the power that was truly within her. She needed—

The voices of her colleagues drifted in from beyond the curtains. She turned her head to listen, but was immediately distracted by what she saw at the edge of the stage. She stepped forward, slowly, deliberately, listening to the winds she could feel whispering inside, the grains collected from many strange deserts on many strange worlds. She stooped down and picked up one of the simple sandbags from the pile, hearing the sand shifting inside. "Yes . . ." she hissed to herself, as she lifted her other hand. She coaxed, and a bit of sand flowed from the cinched top and into the air, into the shape of a delicate butterfly, so thin that one could see straight through it. Tash moved her fingers and puppeted the sand butterfly around herself in a circle, making it flap its wings like the real thing. She made it soar up into the air, higher and higher, straining to reach the spotlight rafters above.

Before the butterfly could reach that far, Tash turned her hand upside down and drew her fingers downwards. The butterfly twitched for a moment, then began to drop, wings beating feebly, uselessly, against the air. Its wings became ragged as sand began to drift away from the form, and fell off completely midway down. By the time it reached the floor, it was as individual grains, all shape lost.

Tash hoisted herself up on a convenient barrel and stared out into the shadows. She was content to wait.

~ ~ ~

Hope no one minds me starting another thread here? Couldn't think of another way to get Tash into the scene. Anyone else can feel free to come across her and talk!

—doctorlit, a power converter at Tash-y station

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