Subject: Gaia glanced up, his attention caught by something Ananke had mentioned.
Posted on: 2020-08-17 20:27:11 UTC

He had, to his embarrassment, been tuning out a little - he was rather excited to see his fellow gods, but was a bit disappointed that so far, the meeting had been more... serious, he supposed, than he was expecting. But he also had a serious question, so he might as well try and get it out of the way.

"So," he began, when the girl of feathers and flame had sat, then realized he should probably stick with the formalities. Hastily, he stopped fidgeting with his hair and stood - not accompanied, for the moment, by the clunk of metal on... well, observant as ever, he'd forgotten what the floor was made of, but it didn't really matter, as he'd set those boots aside. "Sorry - So, I've actually got something for the rest of us, but Ananke, I've got something I'm supposed to ask you," he said, in a tone that made it clear just how pointless he thought his question was. "You keep mentioning the end of this Recurrence - is the time limit some sort of prophecy deal, or some magical restriction, or because of the limits of these bodies, or what?"

And, while I'm thinking about it - for my part, I'm fine with Gaia's performances being referenced by fans and such in later conversations. I'd rather that wait until I write out his first concert, since I want to be sure I've a handle on how I want his music to go - I do have a good idea, I just like to be certain - but after that, do as much or as little as you please. I'd say this should probably be an opt-in sort of thing, instead of the sort of yes/no vote you seemed to be proposing, but then again, I could easily be misreading the tone and such there.

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