Subject: IC: Tastes
Posted on: 2020-08-17 00:33:37 UTC


"Honestly, Commander, this is hardly dignified."

"Shut up and keep looking mob happy. And pump your arm harder. This is deep cover, remember? It's all artifice."

The Commander's voice crackled in his ear over the sound of the crowd and the singer, which, thankfully for Algie, had been nil. A pair of egregiously large noise-cancelling headphones and a set of earplugs with a speaker built in had muffled the child's din completely. It complemented the dark glasses he wore, which masked his gaze as he scanned the crowd of agents. And they were all agents, of a gallimaufry of colour and shape, and Algie knew in that moment that his cause was just and righteous. These were brother and sister and sibling officers, and if his brother had taught him anything of the sea, it was that a threat to one was a threat to all.

His eyes were a watery pale blue, and the lighting of the venue didn't help, but his sight was still keen and he prided himself on his ability to spot details. And there was one that stood out. A cybernetically enhanced gentleman, moving through the crowd towards the doors.

"Got one," he mumbled into his throat mic. "Headed for the main doors at pace. Shoulder length hair, metal arm."

"I see him," the Commander said after a moment. "Good work. Moving to intercept. Stage two is green, I repeat, stage two is green."

"Confirmed. Going in, Commander."

Algie took off after the man with the metal arm, walking briskly to try and keep up with his loping strides. Since Algie was about five foot five and had once been compared unfavourably to a bowling ball, this was far easier said than done. Indeed, as the man left the Auditorium, Algie broke into a run, skipping the bottom few stairs and barreling through the doors to the total indifference of the frenzied crowd. He caught further sight of the man and pelted off after him, tearing off his headphones as he did so.

"I say, good sir? Good sir? Might I possibly prevail upon you for a brief moment of your time?"

His flash patch and identity card flicked into his hands, just as Lola rounded the corner in front of the man at a... slow... walk.

Well that just made a chap feel incompetent.

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