Subject: The Ellimist looked abashed.
Posted on: 2020-08-20 13:49:24 UTC

"I really shouldn't. And you can never be totally sure if making a change like that will help or make things worse, anyway. Uh, no offense, Jas." This was, perhaps, not entirely sincere. "But!" he went on quickly. An idea was forming in his mind—a great idea. "What if we could go and see what it might be like? Do you guys wanna see the future?"

He was pretty sure that was within the rules, more or less. And it wasn't like he was actively trying to change anything at the moment, so it probably didn't count anyway. Plus, this was the PPC. Weirder things than casual time travel happened to people all the time. Yeah, this was brilliant, and it would be fun, and maybe impress Yavanna, and maybe even cheer Jasmine up, too!

After it is, then. ^_^

Looks like Jasmine's career in time travel gets off to an early start!


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