Subject: For a moment, all he could do was revel in all of the new things.
Posted on: 2020-08-15 06:09:22 UTC

He knew so much now, could do so much, was so much. Existence was - as it would be for any Primordial - complicated, but he thought he could feel himself underneath his feet, and had to restrain himself from reaching up to check. Excited as he was, he didn't really want to cause an earthquake here if he was right. He focused on the miniature comet sitting within his hands - oh, he knew what this was. ... Or, should be. It wasn't quite that, at least, not yet - who knew how things might change? Or, well - grow. Well - it could be important, and he wanted to see at least some of what he could do. Gaia reached into the earth beneath him, thought, focused. He was Wood - but he was also Fire, and Water, and Air, and Earth - all of the Earth. Metal - no, no, that wouldn't do. Jade would suit far better now. Stone shifted at his will, and soon, jade wrought into a simple necklace was revealed by the shifting dirt around him. He reached down and scooped it up, and held out the... well, the word that came most quickly to mind was 'cup', but he knew that wasn't right, but time enough to search for it later. He held it out to the kernel, which nestled into its temporary new home. He dropped the chain about his neck, then thought - what now? He wanted to try something, wanted to use his talents to do more - but, no, not yet. What had she said?

At last, he was able to pull himself out of the reverie brought on by the ascension, and look up at Ananke. "Despite everything," Gaia said. He frowned a little. He would have thought that, if something... unpleasant had happened, the memories would have found their way to this incarnation, but - well. He didn't exactly know everything here, did he? "What do ya mean by that?"

Well, he's not exactly the skeptical sort, so he's at least going to ask - though who knows if he'll get an answer. :P

And oh, I rather do like the design! It looks - well, sort of like something he's forgotten a few pieces to, which is basically what I was going for! A crown might come later, but it's probably not inherent - I get the feeling neither he nor Gaia Prime are the sort to lord their position over others. That's Malfeas' job. :P

As for the Herald of Shining Promise - assuming I'm recalling correctly, that would be Gaia's fetich soul. The Primordials have a very weird internal structure involving multiple souls that all make up a fundamental self, with the fetiches being the most primary, and all or most of these souls usually having their own subsouls which are also full entities, because Exalted Is... Exalted. I'm considering messing around with that - amusingly enough, it might actually work in a way for him - but not yet, at least. There'll be time enough for that later. So it could just be a little ball of magic he's taken a fancy to, or a developing embodiment of his core self - he's not entirely certain himself yet, by which I mean I'm not and gods aren't omniscient, even when they're foundational concepts of reality and possibly the planet, so he gets to share.

Oh! Quick Question Addendum - might they inherit any vague-information-type memories or emotional connections from the original deities, or would that be completely discrete, and how much mastery would they typically have of their new talents?

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