Subject: Gaia grinned back at the cat, dropping down to sit next to her.
Posted on: 2020-08-24 06:37:15 UTC

"I'd give you some line about how, 'Oh, you know, it's not just me performing, I want to make sure there's extra room just in case,' that sort of thing, but I've heard people talking about Yavanna's concert and I know a lot of them want more, so they'll show up to get another chance to hear him if he comes, or just for some more divine music, and they have partners and friends and everything, and I know a couple of people who know a lot of people, so yeah - I don't think there's gonna be that much trouble filling this place up." He shifted a bit, making sure he could keep an eye on the doors so he'd see when anybody else walked through them. "And if you do decide you'd like to give it a go tonight, just let me know - I've made sure we've got room for a couple of surprises without going over, and I don't think anyone's going to complain if we do, anyways. While I'm thinkin' about it, don't worry about instruments or anything like that, either - there's gotta be something you can work with in the back. I saw a piano-sorta thing made specifically for a toucan. Not just any bird, specifically a toucan. With instructions on where to find the same kind of thing for other birds. There'll be something you can use back there. Not that I want to make you, or anything, just figure I should mention, since I get where you're coming from and figure you might also be worried about add-ons."

He shifted a bit in place, and Stone could probably tell that, even though most of the excess energy had been channeled into planning and talking and building and practicing, he was positively buzzing with excitement. "The luck is appreciated - it means a lot from a god, and I bet everyone else'll like it, too. And as for watching, of course you can! I made sure to reserve enough front row seats for all of us and our partners and then some, 'cause I know some of us will probably have families who want to be here and everything. We'll all be able to be up here -" he pointed to the floor right in front of the stage, "- for any of us with really intense stuff, too. Sure, there might be a bit of bumping and stuff, but I'm gonna make sure we've got the best spots to watch from, whatever I've gotta do to make that happen."

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