Subject: Beyond the Courtyard, PPC HQ seemed pretty normal.
Posted on: 2020-08-25 23:17:18 UTC

But as the two gods and their two hangers-on walked through the corridors, they started to notice some things that seemed... out-of-place.

Like: the hallway which looked ordinary, but felt like an ever-steeper uphill slope, until at last they had to turn back.

Like: occasional traces of fur or feathers on the ground, evidence of vicious fights between rabbits and ravens (and apparently pigeons as well) .

Like: a portal hanging open in an empty RC, its blue glow tinged with insidious black.

When they came to the broken corridor, Yavanna brought the group to a halt. Actinic blue light filled the hall from wall to wall, but through it they could see scorch marks, areas of grey that seemed bleached white, and a great twisting crack which seemed to have set the whole hallway askew.

Yavanna poked at the blue glow, hissed in surprise and snatched his hand back. "I don't like this," he said, taking his sisters' hands and holding them tight.

When I do a circle image for this, I think it will include at least one god being dead. Not sure who. :)

Have fun spotting who's been misbehaving!

I didn't put in anything from Future Ellimist, in case you had something in mind.


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