Subject: The Ellimist decided to answer the second question first.
Posted on: 2020-08-17 15:29:00 UTC

"Well, it's—"

He blinked. His voice was deeper. This made perfect sense. It was also so. cool.

Still grinning, he started again, examining the exact shade of his hands as he spoke. "It's both. It just happened right now, but it was on purpose before. It's a good color!" He'd always favored shades of green and red before, but blue was clearly better. How foolish he'd been.

"But," he went on, lowering his hands to address the first question, "I can't just do anything to anybody. There's rules about not interfering directly with people. It could break the space-time continuum, you know. Sorry." He truly regretted not being able to tell her yes, but he felt certain that it would be somehow wrong.

I actually reread The Ellimist Chronicles last night. It's a nice little read! It sadly did not directly tell me what I really wanted to know, which was whether or not the Ketrans were blue, but there are hints: their blood is burnt orange (at least when exposed to air); at one point someone's hands are described as "clutching, blue-knuckled, at the controls" of a ship; and looking "a bit orange" might mean one is "sick or just old." So I reckon their skin does have a bluish tinge (indicating a sun on the more blue side?), but they'd appear sort of greenish-brown normally, tending blue when pale and orange when flushed. Blue comes up more than once as being beautiful, though, and Toomin/Ellimist was originally from the Azure Level of his home crystal, so I reckon he just likes it. {= )

I'm happy to have Yavanna show up! That should be interesting. Ilraen could turn up, too, and I'm sure he'll have something to say about all this even if it's mostly <What??>. Might be good to have a responsible adult around.

Re. time travel, I was thinking he might go "I can't/won't arbitrarily age you up, but... wanna see what you look like in the future? :D " And if that results in the whole party getting a look at a false Emergency future, that sounds wildly amusing, and I'm in!


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