Subject: Red eyes peered through the less well-lit parts of backstage.
Posted on: 2020-09-08 16:48:36 UTC

A small, dark shape made its way through the maze of props, almost invisible in the gloom. It flitted back and forth over the props, one second stilled in contemplation and the next in motion. When it passed through patches of better lighting that managed to reach through the precariously placed props, flashes of red drew the eye of anyone watching close enough, perhaps enough to make out the shape of a bird's plumed tail..

As another god joined the growing gathering, Pommi metaphorically stumbled across Tash and, since it was polite, greeted her.

"Hello, Tash,"

I figured the conversation would be interesting. :3

What no this isn't me off handedly mentioning Lady Kee'ra because I didn't know how to add her to the other thread in case anyone wanted to converse with her.

I mean, if someone wants to address Lady Kee'ra in the other thread, they can.

~Silv, glad she found a way to contribute to the rp again

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