Subject: "That child is not the only affected party."
Posted on: 2020-08-18 00:08:46 UTC

"At least one other person has been affected that we know of, and probably more. We have yet to establish exactly how many people have been afflicted with these... delusions of divinity."

Algie's back was straight and the grip upon his identity card tightened.

"Cob, you're looking stressed. Want me to take over?" The Commander's voice crackled in his earpiece, subvocalized and out of earshot of the metal-armed man.

"The agreed-upon code, Commander, if you would." Algie had been taught to subvocalize into a throat mic by Lola, though his accent and general stiffness lent his words something of a gravelly, gargling undertone not normally present in his voice.

"Oxford lime."

"Sydney tomato." It was an adaptation of the Undersiders' code for situations in which they found themselves struggling. The speaker said the name of a city from the listener's country of origin and then a coloured object in a traffic light colour scheme to ask how the listener was coping and say how the speaker was in turn.

"On it." Lola cleared her throat. "What my partner's trying to say is that we're looking to cover more ground. We want to find more of the alleged gods and monitor their movements, but there's only two of us working this beat. We went to the concert to see if there was someone who wasn't swayed by the musical stylings of a teenage elf in a stupid hat. We need people like you... and you're the only one we've found so far. We need your help."

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