Subject: "Okay, now that was cool."
Posted on: 2020-08-16 17:22:53 UTC

Jasmine had been affecting boredom, as she often did when contemplating her advanced age of eleven years. But the Ellimist's second transformation had broken through that. She looked up at him, eyes bright.

"Two questions," she said. "First: can you do that for other people, for instance me?"

Bella rolled her eyes dramatically. "Jasmine..."

Jasmine ignored her sister. "Second... are you blue on purpose, or did it just happen?"

You may age Jas' up if the Ellimist would do so, but I'm not invested in the idea. It just seemed like the sort of thing she'd ask.

How do you feel about Yavanna showing up? He was supposed to pick up the girls, after all.

For the death thing... hmm. Okay, so... honestly, I think that's a 'what do you want to show?' question. I can tell you that the gods get significantly less stable in their second year, and that - assuming nothing happens to them beforehand - the expectation is that they will die by 'burning out' (more or less literally). But they're also a bunch of teenaged superhero-wizards, so 'nothing happens' isn't a safe assumption. The 1920s pantheon ended with only four survivors of the twelve (this is the very first pages of the comic, as it happens).

(The Ellimist seeing the not-to-occur 'WikDiv Emergency' timeline would be kind of hilarious actually. All the drama you can imagine, and he's convinced it's going to happen, and then... it doesn't. ^_^)


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