Subject: Tash slowly craned her neck about, taking in the still-empty hallway.
Posted on: 2020-08-18 01:31:43 UTC

The surroundings were visible, yet no light source in the sky, no sky at all. It was empty and dry. (Not dry, something inside reminded her, undescribed matter can't be wet or dry, but she ignored that. The point is that it was no lush, green Narnia.) Tash rather liked this place; it was, in many ways, like Tash's own country. Except—

Two thoughts crossed her mind in rapid succession. First, there were many stories in this place, and many connections between beings, and between places. This meant that there were many ends. Many stories and lives that could branch out in many different ways, twisting into and crashing against each other, a true myriad of possibilities, and of possible endings. Souls that could grow in love or in hate with a thousand others in a thousand combinations, to end in sorrowful passings away, or in bitter and violent flashes of destruction. Entire worlds that could wink in or out, or cause others to do the same. Because always, whatever the place or time inhabited, whatever the body born to or the choices made in it, whatever the circumstances forged by one mind or a billion, one thing was always true. One thing can never be prevented. There is always a


waiting down the line. The End is irresistible.

But second, Tash could feel that there were many beings here, in many different forms, but none of them had called Tash here, in the manner a certain Tarkaan once had. Instead, the black-clad woman had done so, but she was not Tash's to take. And so, Tash focused her blazing eyes on the woman's blue ones and asked her:

"Why hath I been brought here? What here art mine to take?" There was a guttural croak to it, even though the voice of a young woman was still audible beneath.

~ ~ ~

((It turns out it's a little difficult to get a feel for a character who gets maybe two thirds of a page of page time and speaks exactly three sentences in canon. This will be a challenge to role-play, but I'll do my best! For now, I'm combining my own view of canon!Tash as a punishment figure who only has agency because he's given the power to act by the Emperor-over-the-Sea (hence Ilcharheen questioning Ananke what her role is), with your vulturine/desert-focused interpretation, which I quite like. (Helps that I'm currently reading a non-fiction book about the Yuma 14, so the desert's power to take life over an extended period is very on my mind.) This led me down the path of a being that can naturally detect endings, both literal and meta-textual, which makes a multi-dimensional, quantumly wonky location like HQ a very interesting place, indeed.))

((I had actually forgotten the fact that Calormenes performed human sacrifices to Tash from my long-ago reading of the series. I'm still not really interested in going there for this, unless some of the other gods' players really want a plotline where they stop the attempt. The fact that, by the time of The Last Battle, most Calormenes didn't even believe in Tash is enough evidence for me to discount their worship as anything Tash himself actually cares about!))

—doctorlit, really good at biting off more than he can chew in RPs, it seems

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