Subject: "Glad to have you aboard, Lorson."
Posted on: 2020-08-18 00:54:11 UTC

Lola wore an easy smile, and with a little effort she made it reach her eyes. "Sucks that you're flying solo in this - only reason we're not right alongside your partner in there is that we broke out enough noise-cancelling tech that we technically count as part of the A/V Division. But yeah. One's better than none, and we'll get your partner clear of this."

She gave him a quick once over, leaning back slightly as she did so. Despite her genemods giving her what her fellow Long War vets had termed "Mark 2 Jumpy Legs", she topped out at five foot nothing. Meanwhile, Lorson was well over six feet tall. It was a wonder she didn't get whiplash.

"You bearing up okay, Algie?"

"Canberra carrot."

"Cambridge cabbage.

"So. Shoulda been in ESAS, huh? Guessing you're not hurting for hardware then." She had another look. "Let me guess: DH-17?"

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