Subject: There was a weird bird in the Nursery.
Posted on: 2020-08-13 21:55:19 UTC

Maryanne didn't know how it got in there, but it was very interesting to watch - it looked sort-of like a crane, only it was black and had a weird frill around the base of its neck with a white-orange-red gradient. It didn't seem to care about its surroundings or the small number of kids staring at it.

A small sprite highly reminiscent of a peacock shifted in unease from where she was tucked against the crook of Maryanne's neck. "I don't trust that thing," Pommi said softly, a mild quiver in her voice.

"I didn't know peacocks were territorial." Maryanne snickered, though her tone was light and clearly in jest.

Pommi groaned, probably rubbing her face in exasperation. "We're not having this conversation again. I'm not literally a peacock and that bird should not be trusted."

"It's just a bird." Maryanne waved off Pommi's concerns. "Not like it can do anything-"

The bird opened its beak and the split-second that took was all the warning they got before the air filled with the overwhelming sound of a beast. Maryanne stumbled backwards and tripped over a chair, her startled cry lost in the cacophony of children screaming and crying and that damn bird.

The ruffling sound of wings hitting air abruptly approached and something scraped against Maryanne's forehead, yanking at her bangs and then it was gone, the pain fading to a dull ache. Maryanne didn't even need to touch her hair to know that her hair clip was gone, Pommi was gone.

She didn't remember stumbling to her feet or charging out of the Nursery in chase of the bird. Afterward, all she could remember of the chase was light glinting off of the ornate hair clip sticking out of the thing's beak.

Maryanne stumbled to a halt somewhere in the Generic Halls of HQ, leaning against the wall for support as she caught her breath. There wasn't time before to really feel anything, but now that she was forced to stop there was nothing to hold back her fear and panic because Pommi was gone.

There was a clink of something metal falling to the ground. As Maryanne looked around for the source, something caught her eye and her body lurched forward before she could think. Only when she felt the smooth metal of her Miraculous clenched tight in both hands did she become aware of the fact that she was ungracefully sprawled over the floor in her haste, at the feet of the demon in bird form that'd stolen Pommi in the first place.

Maryanne didn't have the energy to do much other than glare. This did not seem to concern the bird.

As her breathing quieted, a soft tapping of steps could be heard. An old woman in mourning clothes appeared, and with that appearance the bird was gone.

They locked eyes. Maryanne blinked, and then everything was different.

Maryanne is taking up the mantle of Lady Kee'ra, a protector/warrior figure known for using a dagger. Maryanne herself is almost a carbon-copy of Marinette, though switch out the pigtails for a side ponytail and the white shirt with a solid red one.

Lady Kee'ra's design, as are the designs of her weapons, is based off of the warbaa'd (the bird that stole Pommi's Miraculous, in fact). She's cloaked in a sacred battle robe, and on the forehead of her mask is the Khura'inese character for death, a mark of resolve to fight to the end. Also! There's an in-universe TV show inspired by the legend of Lady Kee'ra, called The Plumed Punisher and it's a very good condensation/modernization(?) of Lady Kee'ra's design (the green shape is a magatama, a common item of spiritual power in Khura'inism).

And I'm stopping myself there. Let's say the the wiki pages alone were not up to my standards of fixation detail.

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