Subject: Tash understood now.
Posted on: 2020-08-18 12:47:06 UTC

That sensation from before, of stories crashing into each other, of bitter meetings and separations. She sensed them still.

"Suvians," she croaked, smoke pouring from her mouth and pooling around her legs. "Wraiths, crossovers." She spread her robe out like wings again, and the smoke billowed upwards and carried her into the air. As the cloud oozed its way down the corridor, Ananke could hear Tash say, "I shall seek out my rightful prey, and I shall take it unto me."

~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, back where Tash had first ascended:

"Hello?" Alfajiri called uncertainly through the door. "Ilcharheen?"

A pause.

"I don't have thumbs."

~ ~ ~

((Thank you, hS! Ananke's words have been majorly helpful here. In fact, I'm debating now: would it be reasonable for Tash to try to worm her way into a Narnia mission with actual agents? I'm mostly worried about Aslan; I know he usually lets agents handle missions on their own, but I'm not sure how laissez-faire he would feel if an avatar of his main enemy stepped out of HQ . . . Or, if you just don't think it's appropriate in general, I'll drop the idea.))

((I am planning on doing a music performance with Tash, but I still need to settle on whether to go with a straight filk, something more abstract, or really risk the biscuit and try to write some original poetry/lyrics. I'll have to mull it over . . . Oh, and don't worry. Alfajiri will get out eventually. No thumbs, but his teeth are evolved to break bones, so generic surface won't be a problem.))

—doctorlit, feeling more direction now

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