Subject: Micro-RP: Rumours
Posted on: 2020-08-20 08:49:33 UTC

Timefix: August 5th (2 days after Yavanna's concert)

Have you heard?

There's a rumour in the PPC!

Have you heard?

What they're saying in HQ!

Agent Kaitlyn (Department of Floaters, but in her heart really DCPS) looked up from her drink. "Oh hey, this sounds fun!"

"It won't be," Selene predicted, swirling her own glass. "That's Kayleigh and bjam; when was the last time Team Morale Officer did anything actually fun?"

"On their behalf: ouch," Kaitlyn said, pressing a hand to her chest. "They do their best."

"I'm sure they do."

Amongst the Sues and agents grim

Something all-new has entered in:

The gods now walk among us...!

To sing their songs to you!

"See?" Selene flicked a hand at Kayleigh, who was now dancing on the table. "It's just a self-referential meta-filk."

"But kind of bouncy," Kaitlyn said, bopping her head. "Come on, this is a bit fun."

"It's really not."

They're a rumour,

A legend,

A mystery!

Something whispered in the corridors

Or on I-CEP.

"It's not even a very good filk," Selene grouched. "You can't stand on a table and shout about how nobody's heard of you."

"I'm not... sure..." Kaitlyn turned in her chair and watched the pair. "I don't think this is about them. I think I've heard the same rumours."

Selene blinked. "What?"

They're a rumour

From out of deep history!

They say they can work miracles

And have you heard their song?

A feel-great program in a single step!

"That's right!" Kaitlyn jumped up, knocking her chair over. "There's meant to be these singer-deities who've just reappeared in HQ after ninety years!"

Selene stared at her. "But the PPC's only-"

"And when they sing it's like... well, I don't know what it's like," Kaitlyn admitted, "but I want to!"

"There hasn't been a PPC for ninety-" Selene tried again.

Kaitlyn drained her drink dry and beamed at her partner. "I'm gonna go find out more," she said. "You coming?"

"No, I'll just-" Selene began, but Kaitlyn was already running off across the cafeteria. The vampire stared after her, then laid her head down on the table with a thunk. "And to think," she told her half-full glass, "this started out such a normal day..."

This is not intended to interrupt any ongoing RPs (such as the Council), or to say that nothing else can happen before the 5th. I'm just opening up the options... this micro-RP is not expected to feature the gods themselves, but rather the rest of HQ gossiping about them. What have they heard? I have no idea!

Anyone can participate, whether they're also writing a god or not. It's been generally agreed that we shouldn't reference a god's performance until their author has written or described at least one. So feel free to talk about Yavanna's concert(s, possibly?), but no others - unless you're that god's writer! If you don't want to actually write a performance, this is an opportunity to get even a vague idea down on paper.

Kayleigh and bjam are here to be interacted with if you want, but you can also just strike up conversations elsewhere in the cafeteria. :)


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