Subject: IC: Introductions
Posted on: 2020-08-19 02:10:50 UTC

"I am honoured to make your collective acquaintances," El-Ahrairah said. "I am El-Ahrairah, digger, runner, listener, Prince with the Swift Warning. Perhaps not quite as... glamorous as a Vala or a Primordial, but I flatter myself that I can get by with what I have. I mean to say," and he smiled, wide and handsome and utterly confident, "as far as I am aware, nobody else came back with a pet."

He indicated the First Rabbit, which was curled up asleep on an empty chair. It looked up, yawned, hopped back onto the table, and had a brief sniff at Yavanna's robe sleeve before discovering that they were not in fact lettuce. Thus chastened and disappointed by the cruelties of the mortal realm, it flopped its ears and flounced off back to El-Ahrairah's side.

"As for my domains, well, unlike the lady Kee'ra, flower of the skies, I'm a lover, not a fighter. Yes, the rabbit god gets that manner of powers, were you really expecting otherwise? But that is secondary. I can perceive tremors through the ground, I have preternaturally keen senses, but my primary domain is swiftness. I am your humble Hermes, my lords and ladies. Such are my miracles; they suit me more than song, I must confess. My singing voice was once described as like a sad chicken attempting to yodel whilst being violently shaken. I wonder if that's changed... but later. It is a great privilege to meet you all, and it is my fervent hope that we become friends over these next years."

He bowed, and looked down, and something itched at the corners of his mind. He could not rightly say what; it was evading his mind's grasp as soon as he had a handle on it. It felt like trying to nail mist to a glass door. He twitched an ear and tried to put it out of his mind. Whatever it was, he had two years. It'd keep.

For those wondering why El-Ahrairah seems entirely blasé about the prospect of dying in two years, well, part of Frith's promise - which is the source of El-Ahrairah's power - was that if he was cunning and full of tricks then his people would never be destroyed. He's also kind of arrogant and too clever by half, so he thinks that whatever happens, well, he'll figure out a clever plan and keep on going.

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