Subject: The Ellimist squinted at the damage.
Posted on: 2020-08-26 15:36:20 UTC

He didn't much like it, either. "Looks like there was a big fight. Or an explosion? Or both? How come it's blocked off and not fixed?" He didn't expect an answer, but he looked at Yavanna and the girls anyway, worried and annoyed that his brilliant idea of a fun trip to the future wasn't going well. "I don't get it. Everything should be, you know, amazing. When we jumped, I saw that there's a bunch like us. I thought we'd be doing really cool things, not..." He gestured down the hall and waved his hand around to include all the other weird and faintly disturbing stuff, too.

Hmm, Future Ellimist... I kinda wonder if he blocked off the dangerous section here, actually? I used "actinic blue" in reference to him before...

Apart from that, if this is a future where he goes full-on delusions of grandeur, I could see entire sections of HQ reformed to be "better." Like, why can't we have a bit that looks like Hogwarts, or the Enterprise, or anywhere with an actual sky? Heck, if all the gods are pulling similar stunts, maybe after two years the place is so mixed up and twisted it's like what happened with the Time Matrix, except with ~twelve people and a multiverse's worth of ideas in the mix instead of just three.

I'm sure it starts off with well intended efforts to do good and protect people from the others (while also being impressive). Then resentment at anyone suggesting he might be going too far creeps in, and it culminates in "I am a god, and I'll do whatever I want!"

And maybe his mother could stop him, but not without escalating things to an unacceptable level, because that needs lampshading. >.>


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