Subject: Micro-RP subthread: An invitation
Posted on: 2020-08-12 23:40:24 UTC

At first glance, the posted pasted to the Cafeteria's door wasn't particularly unusual. Of course, officially Building Maintenance came down with a tonne of bricks on anyone affixing things on their fixtures, but that had never stopped anyone before. This one showed a tree in autumn, which (other than starting a minor argument over whether it should actually be Fall, or perhaps Fading) seemed pretty uncontroversial. Just an ordinary picture of a tree, done in orange and red paint.

Then the first leaf fell.

PPC agents started to gather around the poster. They poked the painted leaves, jumped back when another one somehow peeled away and drifted away - and then, PPCers being who they are, went right back to poking. It took quite a while before someone noticed the words, written quite small on the bottom of the poster, tangled in the roots:

Yavanna. First performance. Small Auditorium. When the last leaf falls.

Trying out a micro-RP type thing. Do what you like with it; in a day or two I'll write Yavanna's entrance to the Auditorium, and a day or two after that, his performance. He's not present right now, but if there's any takeup he'll probably interact after he appears. :)

And if any other gods incarnate before the concert is over, they're welcome to share the stage.


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