Subject: "The PPC's already in space, Bella. It's everywhere!"
Posted on: 2020-08-20 15:16:53 UTC

The Ellimist was too excited to be really annoyed at her, even with the hugging. Yavanna's words gave him pause, though. He remembered what Ananke had said, too.

"Yeah, we should probably start small. Maybe just one year first," he agreed. In part, though he didn't feel like admitting it out loud, because a bit of him was insisting he'd never actually done this before and might even be a little scared.

But that was ridiculous. He was the Ellimist. Space and time were just so much putty in his hands.

Speaking of which... He reached into his pockets and pulled out two objects: First, a hat knitted ingeniously to look like a Klein bottle, its spout feeding into its side in an unbroken loop. Its shape was faintly wizardly, too, and it matched his scarf. He put it on. Second, a glowing blue cube. It wasn't that blue cube, and it might not actually have existed at all. It was a little bit more and a little bit less than a three-dimensional solid. It was an idea given form. A touchstone.

He held it out in his off-hand. "Everybody put a hand on this." Did he need to do it this way? No, probably not. But it seemed like a good idea, just to make everyone feel like there was a reliable method to this. And it left his other hand free. He raised it up high. "Ready?"

Because three small sticks and four cc's of mouse blood. {= )

The hat is probably silly, but don't tell him!


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