Subject: Picking one's way through Headquarters could, under most circumstances, be just a bit disquieting.
Posted on: 2020-08-15 09:48:23 UTC

However, there is something about having newly come into divine power that makes it very difficult to find anything all that intimidating. And thus, Gaia was wandering the halls of HQ, trying to find his partner and, as he was thinking very intently about doing so, proving that just because you're a god, you're not necessarily immune to making the sort of mistakes you did while being not-a-god. You also don't spontaneously lose everything that made you yourself prior to your ascension, and thus, when he noticed sparks of lightning around a bend he might have passed by otherwise, Gaia's curiosity was piqued. A few steps over, look around, and - was that Zeb? Well, might as well say hello - no reason not to catch up with people he knew at least a little, especially with this sort of news to share.

"Hey!" he called out, starting down the hallway after Kord. Kord was running, and catching up to a god of lightning and battles isn't exactly easy, but, as one might expect, the Primordial Embodiment of Growth slowly rose to meet the challenge, aided immensely (which is to say, enabled to happen in a reasonable timeframe) by the other god slowing down. Had he heard him, or was he just turning a corner? "Hey, Zeb, wait up!" As he got closer, he noticed that there was something a bit odd about the Luxray - well, other than the fact that he was wearing his human form, anyways. He was pretty sure he wasn't normally that defined, and he was also pretty sure that he normally wore a shirt. And there was more to it than that - even barring the things that someone more observant might have noticed, there was a sense about him that was quite different from what had been there before.

Well, let's see how this goes! I figured while I'm also cleaning up the last details of Gaia's Ascension, I ought to help stir up a little roleplay, and since Tomash looks like he's on starting responses to the performance and because the coin came up heads, here I am! I do hope I'm not trodding on anyone's toes with this - including yours, Ix - but I figured, might as well take the invitation before it gets Awkward. ... I do hope the gods don't instantly recognize one another - that bit of revisionism could get tricky. Or it's just my dear little oblivious child being as oblivious as usual.

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