Subject: "I can do that."
Posted on: 2020-08-22 22:54:40 UTC

Yavanna nodded thoughtfully. "As the first to return, it's appropriate for me to introduce the rest of the Pantheon... yes." He nodded across the table at Gaia. "Thank you, O Guardian of Growth." His solemn expression cracked into a very childlike grin. "This is going to be fun!"

Ananke, too, smiled. "If the conversation has turned to planning of performances, I shall take my leave of you." She met each god's eyes around the table. "I love you all. If there is aught you need of me, this," she gestured at the chamber, "is where you are like to find me." She headed for a small side door, turned on the very threshold. "Do me proud," she said, and stepped out.

If someone really needs her they can chase her, but I feel like the Council has pretty much run its course? The planning doesn't need to be roleplayed unless people want to. :)

I don’t want anyone thinking I'm the only one who can start subthreads! If you want a concert, stick it up, slap a timefix on it, and go wild. If you want multiple gods involved, I'd say either chat to someone OOC, or drop an open invitation in the start of your concert.

The only timefixed RPs I have planned are a 'gods meet the fans' event around the 10th-15th, and a 'Party in the Parc (Tolkien)' group concert in New Cal around the 20th-25th. Plus of course the ending on the 31st. Anything you want in - go for it!

Nor does it have to be written chronologically... in fact, open invitation: I'd like to RP Yavanna getting angry with another god and having a bit of a powered squabble, maybe in the second half of the month. If anyone's up for it, shout out here (including where he'd find them and roughly when in the timeline you'd prefer) and I'll start the subthread. :)


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