Subject: It was hard to miss the sound of the door slamming.
Posted on: 2020-08-20 04:05:44 UTC

It might not be one of the great brass ones Malfeas had arranged for Ligier's part of himself, or the... hm, he didn't actually remember what the ones Ignis Divine had crafted were like. Well, not a big deal - he'd just make some more silkworms later or something and see if the memory popped up. Still - he had noticed the door slamming, and figured he should great the latest arrival.

"Hey," he said, waving to her once he was certain Stone was done talking, though not bothering to stand. "Don't worry about it, you're not that late. We only just got to the good part, actually! Your seat is gonna be right over there." He pointed towards the possibly-not-actually-empty-in-two-cases chairs between Yavanna and the bird-looking god with, if what she'd said already was what she was normally like, an obsession with endings to match Saturn's. ... Wait, didn't Saturn like ravens? Or was it crows? "We've been introducing ourselves, sharing names, continua, domains, stuff like that. She hasn't gone yet- " He paused to point at probably-not-Saturn-but-hey-a-god-can-hope, "- and as for the rest of us, I'm Gaia, from Exalted, Primordial of Growth, that's El-Ahrairah, from I Have No Clue, God of Rabbits and Maybe Fertility I'm Not Clear On That..." and he went around the table, naming the other deities in a similarly irreverent-but-hopefully-accurate fashion.

"And that's everyone who's here and introduced themselves. So how about you?"

Kitty - No worries about the timing on Lucian's arrival. We all have lives, after all, and this RP's been proceeding at a decent pace, but it's not exactly made of lightning - which is a good thing! Plus, hey, this way, even if the Raven Queen and Meridia turn out to have been here this all time, the initial description is still accurate, regardless of what time shenanigans the Ellimist is pulling. :P

HS - Thank you for the thanks! I figured it'd be a good way to kick off a few more interactions between some of the gods and help everyone start to get familiar with one another and would let me stop trying to think of good ways to describe them without using their names. :P And acknowledged on the poster bit - good to know! Stores fact away for later use if/when it becomes relevant.

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