Subject: "Maybe it's not us?"
Posted on: 2020-08-26 20:30:08 UTC

Yavanna stared at the flickering blue. "Maybe, maybe it's Suvians, or wraiths, or..." His hand drifted up to touch his crown, recalling the bastion in the Courtyard. "Or one of those other PPC... things," he finished lamely.

"I don't think it's you," Bella said, grabbing her brother's hand and squeezing. "You're Yavanna. Dad told us about you: you make things grow."

"Grow..." Yavanna reached into a pocket and produced an acorn. "There's a thought. We could fix this." He tossed the nut from hand to hand, a golden light rising in his eyes. "Ellimist - we could put it right. If something's happened to," he shied away from saying 'us', "to the PPC in the future, we could sort it out!"

That's definitely more of a Tanfin idea than a Yavanna one. Hope Ellimist is able to keep him from monkeying with the timeline!

We've got a lot of blue-themed gods... I vaguely had Lucian in mind, but no reason it can't be Ellimist!

I love the notion of the Ellimist warping HQ itself; we could even appear in such a section after the next jump. As for Jenni... yeah, lampshade it, unless Future Ellimist does something like time-looping her to just get her safely out of the way.


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