Subject: ((Re: emergencies)) (and spoilers for The Last Battle)
Posted on: 2020-08-16 12:53:47 UTC

((We don't do those sorts of Emergencies any more, since they potentially force events on spin-offs whose authors don't want them. That's why we've been sticking to opt-in events like this one and the Blackout. Also, as hS said in his initial post, ". . . effects are assumed to be permanent, so please don't hurt anyone who doesn't want to be hurt!" This, of course, applies to your own characters as well.))

((Bit of a tangent too, to reply to Cicada's earlier post: I really don't see Tash as a "death god," in the same sense that Hades and Anubis are. He only kills two characters on-page, and that's only hours, if not minutes, before the end of the physical Narnia. So both those characters were going to die soon anyway . . . I feel like Tash just got a head start there? Seems to me he's more of a "punishment god" than anything else . . . I'll have to see how Tash!Ilcharheen shapes up as I write her, but sacrifices aren't really on my menu.))

—doctorlit, with no solid plans for this event yet

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