Subject: For the first time, Ananke looked flustered.
Posted on: 2020-08-17 20:54:08 UTC

"Well, it's... it is the limits of..." She paused, composed her expression into something suitably grave. "My apologies; it has been so long, I forgot that you would not recall... these mortal bodies are not made for the truth of your divinity. When you accepted who you truly were, you became more than they can contain. Believe me," and a tear glittered in her eye, "were it in my power, I would see you live on in the fullness of your glory. But that is not the way of things. The brightest candles are soonest exhausted, and must rest and recover until you next return."

Yeah, sorry, I misphrased when I asked about that. My intent was that each person could say 'oh yeah, I'm fine with that', or 'no, only reference stuff I've written', or indeed, 'wait until I've done one to refer back to'. :)


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