Subject: ((Take your pick!))
Posted on: 2020-08-13 20:41:42 UTC

I'm assuming all this is taking place over at least a few hours, if not days, so Ananke has time to talk. She's not exactly chatty, but she'll talk to the gods, and explain what's going on.

Her canon personality (at least as relevant to this) is: every ninety years, twelve gods are incarnated as young people... by Ananke. She's been doing this for six thousand years. She's seen everything the children can throw at her, and is generally unconcerned by most of it. Her only big rule is 'don't use your powers on mortals' (except the performing, obviously). For our purposes she'll actually be a bit more lax about that (because 'your characters are gods, but don't do anything with it' is really boring).

She talks like... oh, a Victorian nanny, pretty much.

But El-Ahrairah can also ignore her and run off! It's never really explained how much the gods have to be told and how much they Just Know, so you can assume he's at least gotten the preamble ("Every ninety years" etc) as an infodump. He knows who he is; he can feel what he can do; if he wants to leave, she's not gonna stop him.

"Anansi"... er, y'know, that's actually a really interesting point. Hmm. >_>


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