Subject: The Ambitious Calico was busy...
Posted on: 2020-08-14 00:26:48 UTC

...or at least, she had every intention of being busy. As she padded through the halls of headquarters, she mentally catalogued the possibilities for today. She needed to train, she needed to spend more time in a human disguise, she needed to find some trinkets or tradeable things so she could start saving up, but all those thoughts seemed to be slipping out of her mind. She simply kept padding along the concrit floors, a vague stew of regret bubbling in her thoughts. She shook her head in an attempt to clear it. "There's no time to think about them, alright? I just need to go," she told herself. "What's done is done. Leave the dead behind." She decided she'd go to the holodeck, get some training done. She'd do a thousand other useful things that day, too, just to make a point to herself. But as she took her first step and started to find something to not-focus on, her eyes snapped towards an old woman, a woman that surely hadn't been there before. She slunk close to the floor, having decided that she did not trust whoever this might be. Despite the Calico's attempts to evade the woman, Ananke looked at her, and the Calico saw. She felt a wound open in her side as she began to fall.

((So, The Ambitious Calico is, fortunately, a calico. Slightly smaller than you might expect of a housecat, but other than that she looks as you'd expect a calico to look. Her eyes are a typical feline yellow. She occasionally wears a belt/skirt covered in pouches/bags, but just as often doesn't. I've given her Stone, from her home canon of Fallen London... if you need help with Stone, please let me know, Fallen London is extremely stingy with its lore. Stone is a mountain known as the Mountain of Light in the South of the Neath, and is generally connected to themes of sacrifice, healing, life, and kindness, for the curious. Apologies for the odd lorebits.))

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