Subject: I may or may not enter, but this seemed like an appropriate place to jump in with -
Posted on: 2020-08-13 13:56:41 UTC

  • a few clarification questions.
  1. In settings with multiple 'levels', so to speak, do they have to be at the highest level period, or just the highest level in the context they operate in? E.G., in Magic: The Gathering (putting aside stuff like Helios obviously being Zeus), would Helios and Avacyn and other such figures qualify, or would you have to go for entities like Emrakul?

  2. Would someone who effectively just borrows a name for Aesthetic or Reference Reasons without exactly trying to be a representation of the actual figure be on the table? E.G., I'm guessing Digimon Frontier's Lucemon would probably be off the table, but what about, oh, Digimon Tamers' Beelzemon, or an alternate incarnation with behavior patterns that are similarly dissimilar to what an actual entity based on Beelzebub would be like (or, well, I'm guessing Tamers' isn't exactly an accurate representation) but playing more into the whole 'one of the great Digimon Demon Lords' angle?

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