Subject: The First Performance
Posted on: 2020-08-15 18:54:46 UTC

The boy stood for a full half-minute, letting the camera flashes and the occasional shout ("You're not Yavanna; you're nothing but a sis- er, brother!") roll over him. Then he raised his head, and something in his eyes made the crowd fall silent.

"One," he said into the hush. "Two. One-two-three-four."


No-one could name the language he sang. It had the grace of Quenya, the intensity of Klingon, the power of the Wizards' Speech, but it was none of them. Perhaps it was the native language of the forests, a song of leaves and loam, of roots and rivers, of ancient boughs and azure skies.


The light was like the dappled forest floor, spreading away through uncounted years. The congregation breathed as one, each inhalation a day apart. They felt their roots weave together, an unmatched strength that bore them up and sent them soaring skywards on towering trunks.


And within each heart beat an aching longing, the memory of forests long gone, the foretelling of trees yet unplanted. Each felt in themselves an acorn waiting to sprout, and a mossy stump long-since fallen; and at the centre of all rose the Queen of Trees, the first mother of them all, the willing source of every breath and beat; and his light was a gift to them all.


The song ended.

The audience let out a collective sigh, the Auditorium feeling close and artificial. And the boy on the stage held out his hands to them.

"I am Yavanna of the Pantheon," he said, his voice ringing clear, "and this is the Recurrence.

"Once again...

"...we return."

So I'm trying to do justice to something originally created for a visual medium, where the gods' performances tend to look like this:

Or this:

(Amaterasu, Morrigan, and Baphomet, all courtesy the first three issues of WikDiv)

So although it probably comes over as kind of corny in writing, you can assume that anyone* who witnesses it would be blown away.

*All right... nearly everyone.

Timefix: It seems like Ananke has incarnated all the gods on a single day, so let's say this is two days later (August 3rd).


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