Subject: "You are of the Pantheon."
Posted on: 2020-08-14 14:05:09 UTC

"You are of the Pantheon."

The trees closed in, in a world that Apecian suddenly found far too small.

"You will be loved. You will be hated. You will be brilliant. Within two years, you will be dead."

It was all too small, too simple; he saw now, as if he was looking for the first time. But he could fix that; he could take this undeveloped world and make of it the best version of itself.

"You are the Last Primordial," the strange woman's voice went on, but Apecian had all but tuned her out. "The essence of the elements." He gathered knowledge. "Of life." Power. "Of growth." Strength and inspiration. "Of all things that strive."

The Courtyard returned, and in his hands Apecian held the sum of its nature, an emerald kernel on which he could work his will. In front of him, almost forgotten, the stranger looked at him with grave eyes.

"We meet again, Gaia," she said, her brow furrowing slightly. "Despite everything, I have missed you."

Ananke is implying here that she's had bad experiences with Gaia in the past. Gaia can believe that or not as you choose. :) The whole 'ultimate power!' thing I'm imagining as just an effect of the ascension; feel free to run with it or drop it as you please.

The orb in his hands is... well, I'm not sure. I've found a mention of an emerald comet named the Harbinger of Shining Promise, so it could be a manifestation of that. Or it could just be magic.

Exalted seems to go in for armour and robes, so I've used a bit of both. All the armour could provide more coverage, and the robe could be belted - this is my attempt at 'unfinished'. The elements would be in the colour scheme, were there one. (He also has long hair now, but not neatly styled - again, unfinished.) (He may or may not have a crown of vines; that's up to you.)

Gaia has a lot in common with Yavanna; I bet they could do a brilliant duet.


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