Subject: Gaia nodded back, only lightly disappointed.
Posted on: 2020-08-22 01:43:46 UTC

Ah, well. He hadn't exactly been expecting to see anyone from home, not with what Ananke had said. And it'd be nice to meet some new divines, anyways. Speaking of which...

He gave it a moment or two, just in case the new arrival wanted to introduce herself or somebody else showed up, but nobody spoke up. Well, then - he better try and keep things from getting uncomfortable. "Right, that's almost everyone," he said, standing again. "Anybody else wants to introduce themselves later, go ahead and just say it - don't think we have to worry about formality or anything here." He glanced around at his fellow gods, idly noting that he seemed to be one of the older ones, quickly considering what to bring up next. The tree emblazoned on Yavanna's seat, only somewhat obscured by his crown, caught his eye, and he grinned. Oh, that'd work.

"But unless you guys want to take a break and get to know each other - though really, we should swing by, I dunno, Rudi's and all talk or something whenever we finish this - let's keep going. Anybody else have any questions for Ananke, go ahead and interrupt me, but for now - Ananke said we're all supposed to put on a show. I know Yavanna's got a head start on that-" He grinned at the Giver of Fruit. "- Since my partner knows a guy who knows a guy who saw his poster and knows the name. Honestly, I've been itching to get my hands on a mic since she showed up and showed me who I am. So - why don't a couple of us, or all of us, set up something together? Hand out fliers, talk to people, whatever, and grab ourselves a venue, then in, what, three or four days? Something like that. So, give it a few days so we can all compose or choreograph or whatever, then we can all debut together, and really get this party started. Heck, maybe Yavanna can tell everyone about it when he's wrapping up tomorrow. I'm definitely gonna start putting something together for then, so - anybody else interested?"

In which Granz attempts to clumsily move things along so we don't get bogged down and lose interest. As he said - if anybody else wants to introduce themselves or has any other questions for Ananke, feel free to circle it back or tell him to wait a second before getting to this idea. I just thought this'd be a good way to give things another jolt, and a handy way to begin arranging performances.

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