Subject: Ananke hesitated, not turning back to face him.
Posted on: 2020-08-16 22:10:06 UTC

Her hands moved, gathering her veil in front of her as if shielding herself. "There are many gods known in this place," she said, "many who might wish to walk these halls once more. Yet you children are but few." She paused, and a breeze seemed to ripple her black dress. "I will not say there are none of your kindred here," she said at last, "for I have not yet found all those I seek. But I counsel you not to hope for it. It is better to seek new friendships than to mourn those absent - though it may be that the absences will find their expression in your song."

With that, she walked away, vanishing between the tangled trees, and leaving Gaia with more questions than answers.

There will be a micro-RP set on the 2nd, where Ananke will be taking questions from as many of the Pantheon who care to attend. I'll probably start it tomorrow, once I've got the opening picture drawn. :)


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