Subject: "You are who you are."
Posted on: 2020-08-18 09:57:54 UTC

"Would you ask if you can 'not be' a cat? Or 'not be' a kind, or generous, or bold person?" Ananke spread her hands again. "This is your nature - you know this in your hearts to be true. All I have done is reveal it to you."

Her expression shifted, beseeching. "I beg you, children - do not view this as a sacrifice. You will do glorious things, beyond the power of mortals - and when to their eyes you die, you know that you will merely depart for a time, to return once again.

All the WikDiv gods know that they are gods. Not 'have been given the power of' or any such: they are gods. Even if they don't want to be. I also don't remember any of them getting particularly angsty about the two-year thing, at least until it was a lot closer.

I know what you two are doing. :P I'm not going to say you can't play that card, but I'd ask that you save it for the last days of the month (in-universe). The revocation of godhood will involve personal visits by Ananke, so you could even use it there if you so chose.


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