Subject: (( {= D ))
Posted on: 2020-08-15 02:55:44 UTC

Yeah, the cube was not lost on me, either. Brilliant. I love it. ^_^ Loved the sifting through the timestream bit, too. Like trying to find your place in a book you had to put down suddenly. And his shoulder pads put me in mind of pages from a book, too.

... I might headcanon the scarf to be a Moebius scarf and say he has a matching Klein bottle hat in his pocket. {= D

What did all of that look like from Bella's perspective? Or any bystander's, for that matter? Does the chosen one just seem to get a sudden costume change, perhaps in a flash of light...? I know nothing about this canon, so I'm at a loss!

I'm also not sure what a newly minted avatar of the Transcendental Presence does with a ten-year-old hugging him, but I'll figure that one out myself. ^_~


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