Subject: "You are of the Pantheon."
Posted on: 2020-08-15 12:40:56 UTC

"You are of the Pantheon."

Sand stretched beneath Ilcharheen, and the sun blazed crimson above, but this was not the desert, for no desert could be so bitterly, soul-chillingly cold.

"You will be hated. You will be loved. You will be brilliant and terrible.

"Within two years, you will be dead."

A dark smoke rose, choking Ilcharheen. In desperation she looked up into the unblinking eye of the sun, but saw only black wings circling above.

"You are the carrion-lord of the deserts. The vulture inexorable. Irresistible. Inevitable."

The black shapes swooped down, and in their dark feathers Ilcharheen was fulfilled.

"God of the bloodstained altar - arise."

She stood, feeling her robe spread about her like black wings, and looked into the veiled woman's eyes. They burned still blue, blue as the desert sky, and in them - alone perhaps of all eyes save those of the Lion - there was no fear.

"We meet again, Tash," and the woman smiled the smile of the undying in the face of death. "I've missed you."

Tash has come out somewhere between Egyptian and Aztec, which wasn't intentional - it's just how she took shape. I've not given her four arms; the gods aren't usually physically transformed beyond things like fingernails and hair. But I couldn't resist the pun in the circle. ^_^

I've tried to be fair to Tash here. She's a death-god, sure - but that's because she's a vulture from the desert. They are death, and for all they're creepy, they're not actually evil. They're just... inevitable.

Though if she starts carrying out human sacrifice, I imagine some of the other gods will have something to say about it.

(If we were doing a full WikDiv plotline, Tash's skull-face makeup would grant her a very specific place in the Pantheon. Thankfully, we are not, so she can just be a creepy death-god.)


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