Subject: ((-_-))
Posted on: 2020-08-15 19:12:15 UTC

Sacrifices must be made, eh Stone?

I feel like Lady Kee'ra and possibly Yavanna (who specifically created the Ents to fight back against dwarves with axes) could maybe be convinced to support a For The Greater Good sacrifice ploy. But that would mean convincing them that powering Tash up was a good cause, so there'd be some fancy footwork to do there.

If as Kittyauthor suggested this was a PPC Emergency, that would probably be the way to go. Other options would be time travel shenanigans (HI, ELLIMIST!), or some variety of I-just-hate-you. Mary Poppins, as essentially the incarnation of Order, would probably get very peeved at some... most... of the others. Gaia, Yavanna, and El-Ahrairah form a natural team, with maybe Stone and Meridia as well; the Raven Queen seems like a chronic meddler... yeah, you could definitely do a lot with this pantheon.

I'm not taking anything off the table for RPs, and Ananke will not be meddling in the children's affairs (though she may be audibly disapproving); just remember that actions have consequences. :)


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