Subject: The Small Auditorium wasn't crowded...
Posted on: 2020-08-14 09:27:14 UTC

... but there were still a respectable number of seats filled, by those who had seen the poster, or heard about it on HQ's highly efficient grapevine. About half of those present didn't even know what a Yavanna was (much to the disgust of the other half, who believed Tolkien trivia was the only knowledge worth having). None of them knew what to expect.

A door opened onto the Auditorium floor, and a hundred or so heads craned to see. A figure stepped out, and it was...

... a boy, maybe in his early teens, wearing a green coat far too long for him. On his head sat a crown of sorts, of branching, unpolished wood, and - even for those close enough to see the emerald glow in his eyes, or to feel the harvest-warm aura that seemed to surround him - he looked faintly ridiculous.

You may heckle if you choose. :) The performance will be up tomorrow.


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