Subject: I means what I says. -_-
Posted on: 2020-08-12 14:47:53 UTC

Aslan is a fictional god who is identified with a primary world gGod - much like Tolkien's Iluvatar. In the books, he's a lion with a thing for self-sacrifice; it's only the subtext that says he's God.

Apollo, meanwhile - let's take the Percy Jackson version - is the primary world Greek god. He's presented in a modern framing, but... he's Apollo. Put another way: an incarnation of Greek!Apollo could be identical to one of PJ!Apollo and no-one would bat an eyelid. Aslan and capital-God would be incarnated quite differently (because, y'know... lion).

It's a pretty arbitrary distinction, but boils down to 'I wanna do the fun ones'. ;) And don't want to wind up repeating canon WikDiv incarnations.

I confess that Henry was one of the things in my head that made this viable. Hope you find someone fun for him!


PS: I should really have expanded on 'god' a little... they don't exactly have to be gods, just very godlike. WikDiv features Lucifer, who in most theologies isn't a god (dualism being rather out of style). I would say they should be on the highest level for their particular setting. Valar, not Maiar; the Devil, not demons.

I'm accommodating of weird edge-cases. If someone wants to pull in the Ones as Star Wars deities-of-a-sort, I'm not going to quibble. I just want to avoid 'GLaDOS is like a god in Portal...!'

EDIT: To answer the question you should have been asking... the Lone Power and Peach One's Champion are both fictional gods, not primary world ones. The One would be a more difficult case, but... also isn't really a character. 'Interesting' is more important than 'god'. :)


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