Subject: "Yeah..."
Posted on: 2020-08-30 02:21:24 UTC

The Ellimist nodded slowly at first, then quicker, with confidence. "Yeah—I bet we do! If we're fighting, or, or whatever we're doing, it has to be for a good reason, right? And then we'll make it better. That's what we both do."

He knew the gods were responsible for the strange things they'd seen; the amount of miraculous activity was why he'd stopped at this particular point on the timeline. But that didn't mean it was their fault—especially not him and Yavanna. They were obviously Good Guys.

But that fortress... It hadn't looked or, more importantly, felt very nice. If it had really been screaming...

Nah. Even if it was, it would all be okay in the end, and he could prove it, too. He held out the blue cube again. "Here: we'll jump ahead again and see what happens after the second year. I'm sure it will be better."

He hoped he sounded more sure than he really felt.

Sorry for the delay! Too many ideas on the brain; but I don't want to leave this behind, I promise.


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